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Katherine Heigl in Sylvia Toledano

kheigelbag.jpgFor the past few weeks, it has been pretty difficult for me to be objective when it comes to Katherine Heigl. To me, hair is a big part of an entire red carpet look, and I don’t particularly like this boxed dye look on her. But for the moment, I am distracted and I’m distracted in a good way. 

Glistening between her fingers and in her palm is a stunning Sylvia Toledano clutch.  Combing a few of my favorite things (black, gold and sparkle), this clutch is just the accessory Katherine needed to complete this look.  Her wine colored satin David Meister cocktail dress is a pretty dress, I’ll give her that, but add this clutch and you’ve got yourself an outfit.  Why else would the photographer zoom in so closely on the clutch?


Life As We Know It premieres in New York City, New York on September 30, 2010. Pictured: Katherine Heigl Fame Pictures, Inc
Sept. 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress KATHERINE HEIGL attends the New York premiere of 'Life As We Know It' held at the Ziegfield Theater. © Red Carpet Pictures


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  1. For “boxed dye” try 6 hours with celebrated colorist Kim Vo. I agree its not a great look. Too blonde. But she looked amazing on the red carpet – stunning and the lovely hair style made up for the bad colour.

  2. Oh no! Usually Kim Vo is a great colorist! I would be embarrassed if I were him. She’s so gorgeous, but this hair looks like a boxed dye job! I knew it wasn’t…:)

    The hair style helps!

  3. There is no way Heigl cannot- not notice she has neon-yellow hair. You know why? BC that is the exact color of the front of my hair right now due to an “oopsie” by my colorist and I scare myself every time I look in the mirror. This is confirmation that I need to make another appointment.It’s for sure not her best look minus the cute outfit & clutch.