Longchamp Gatsby Luxe Shoulder Bag


Embrace your animal instincts! Like I am embracing this Longchamp Gatsby, the bag itself is perfection with the simple flap design and uber cool hardware, but add the jaguar print and you are talking about sheer lust. This is printed on super soft lambskin so you don’t get the bright clean print on pony or nylon but the feel is divine and the longevity will take you through decades of animal print frenzy. The interior has a coordinating jaguar print polyester lining. The shoulder strap has great chain detail and a comfortable leather pad, but notice that asymmetric chain on the strap – it’s longer in the back where the strap has more exposure. I love the attention to detail! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $898.

2 thoughts on “Longchamp Gatsby Luxe Shoulder Bag

  1. If you are into animal prints, this is the way to do it!

    It’s edgy, oozing with personality. An interesting and inspiring handbag for our daily grind.

  2. I don’t like the asymmetric chain. Why do this? I’m a leftie and wear my bag on my left shoulder.

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