Mulberry Bayswater Python Bag

“I love goooooold.” Ah yes. Quoting the always classy Johann van der Smut from “Austin Powers in Goldmember.”  That has pretty much been what I have been saying every single time I look at this bag, which might I add is every five seconds. 
Mulberry literally read my mind when they made the Bayswater bag for this season in metallic gold python.  Making a gold bag classy can be particularly difficult.  I mean, remember the Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM circa 2006 Kim Kardashian was spotted carrying when she was just BFF’s with Paris Hilton?  Yeah, yikes is right.
Clearly Mulberry does a much better job at classy than Vuitton does, so I am not surprised.  Though I wouldn’t recommend wearing this bag with a sequin dress on New Year’s Eve, I would think this bag would be a great statement piece to wear with neutrals.  Or you might just have to wear the bag and only the bag if you buy it.  At $4,000, it isn’t exactly the top of my Holiday Wish List.  Well, it is, but everyone just laughs at me.  At

6 thoughts on “Mulberry Bayswater Python Bag

  1. Alexandra on said:

    This is one gold bag that does not look trashy. Only Mulberry with it’s understated and slightly bohemian designs could achieve this. Two thumbs up!

  2. I love the Bayswater and it is amazing in gold. It would look amazing paired back with all black.

  3. i like the color of the gold python, but the hardware is clashing to me and i just can’t get past that.

  4. Bag Snob Jenna on said:

    Isn’t it fabulous!? I am wondering why it hasn’t magically appeared at my door yet! Unfair!


  5. Bag Snob Jenna on said:

    I am so obsessed with gold and black. My iPhone cover is gold, and the front, well, it’s black. Duh.


  6. Bag Snob Jenna on said:

    True, but I think it works. They are similar enough to work and different enough to not clash. Also, I love goooold. :)


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