Nap Nanny


If your tot does not get a nap, we all know bedlam ensues. Whether it is colic, reflux, stuffy nose, ear infections – you name it, there is a whole host of reasons why your tot cannot get comfortable. We all have our techniques for elevating the sleeping surface but the Nap Nanny is one that is safe and effective. The angle is right where you want it at 30 degrees and there are no sketchy jerry rigging with wedges under the baby or blocks under the crib. The baby is safely held in place with a harness to prevent rolling off. They will feel like they are cradled in their car seat and we all know how they love sleeping there!! Made of high-density polyurethane foam for exceptional comfort and peace of mind. At Baby Earth $129.99. Warnings: Only use on the floor and do not place this in the crib.

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