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Proenza Schouler Columbian Mochilla PS1


It takes special talent to f up the super cool PS1. Everything is wrong about this, from the spelling of Colombia, to the fact that mochilla is actually a backpack, but most of all it is just plain wrong. Not even my deep connection to Colombia is a strong enough bias to edge me to the “it’s ok” category (my husband is half and therefore my children are part Colombian). I love all the Colombian art and artifacts my mother-in-law gives me. But this just doesn’t work. I would love to see variations on this great bag but one that makes sense. The PS1 is a structured city chic bag, not a bohemian berry picking rucksack. Green and black is not the most sophisticated color combination, I feel like money should go to a charity that empowers local artisans for buying this. At Barneys New York for $1825.



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  1. This bag is fabulous for the young, art student or any person with a sense of wanting to be fashionable and edgy/different at the same time. As the above poster mentioned, I think it has everything to do with Columbia University and i think the bolder print on the bottom half of the bag references art deco or Mondrian (who worked in NYC in the latter years). I love this bag and I am very glad you are ragging on it so that I will have a better chance at nabbing this gem on sale. Schouler is ahead of the game as usual.

  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with Columbia U. Lauren Santo Domingo (ne Davis, her husband is a Colombian beer heir) is a huge proponent of Mochila designs and she put together the “Mochila Project” to help Colombian artisans. She assembled a large group of well-known designers to each design a mochila bag for charity. PS decided to manufacture the design they produced for Fall.

    Karin Nelson wrote a sizeable story in the NY times fashion section about this…

  3. I actually like the bag, and I am not a fan of the PS1. However, I would buy this one.

    Thanks for the explanation of the bag, Jecca.

  4. This is the season of matchy matchy coming up so get out your garanimals Edoardo and good luck. The bag wouldn’t hold enough coca leaves to get halfway up Machupichu and the canvas is too small for the pattern; the fabric would make better throw pillows. Lo siento mucho, pero no gracias.