Reece Hudson Oversized Clutch: The Mutch


Reece Hudson‘s oversized clutch took me a while to warm up to and though I think it’s really cool, it’s not really made for a girl like me.   Who is it made for you ask?  Why, it’s a man clutch (Mutch!)!!!   Think about it, what girl would tote around a clutch 14″ wide and 9″ high?  It’d take both hands and feel like you’re carrying a baby everywhere.  It fits iPad and/or MacBook and has two patch pockets for other essentials, can’t you just see the Man Snob in your life toting this around like a rock star?!  I know you guys are just getting used to the idea of a Murse but a Mutch is really much more masculine (no pun intended.
Reece Hudson Oversized Clutch in Black and Brown for $940 at Kirna Zabete.

2 thoughts on “Reece Hudson Oversized Clutch: The Mutch

  1. Lol this def a


  2. alouette on said:

    I would carry it if it had a detachable shoulder strap. My DH? Nooooo way.

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