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Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage

Halston Heritage Cleo Small Sac Bag45846, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday October 7, 2010. Sarah Jessica Parker dazzles in a long evening gown outside the Lincoln Center in NYC on her way to attend the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. Photograph:

When we see Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage, we all think, “Well duh,” and here, at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala, it’s no different. Of course this dress fits her like a glove, much like the “Naked Dress” from season one of “Sex and the City,” but the dress isn’t what I’m looking at. It’s the bag.

Normally I am a structured-satchel kinda girl, but the easy, breezy nature of this bag mixed with the metallic material makes me a little giddy.  Not giddy like when I was a freshman and the hot senior talked to me, but still, giddy.  
Aside from the fun nature of the bag, the price tag is much more FrugalSnob than BagSnob.  At $450, this Halston Heritage Cleo Small Sac Bag might be the answer to your burning desire to carry the same bag as SJP.  You could walk down the streets of the city swinging your shiny bag knowing SJP and you are practically one in the same.  You know, minus the fame, stupid awesome wardrobe, marriage to Ferris Bueller and a plethora of awesome movies and televisions shows under your Hermes belt, but you understand.
Halston Heritage Cleo Small Sac Bag– $450


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  1. Right? Don’t you just expect a glam clutch?! Maybe she wanted to carry a little more than a tube of lipstick and an iphone!

  2. i love the bag and the dress but unsure if they go together. I agree, a fabulous clutch would look great with this outfit. SJP looks amazing!