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Sergio Rossi *swoon*: “Borderline Sandal”


Be still my heart. I can’t even handle these shoes. I can barely look at the photos without hating my closet for not having these inside of it. Good god they are gorgeous. Sergio Rossi has created a variation of the boring, run of the mill gladiator heel and sculpted a super sexy hybrid sandal/boot/peep toe masterpiece. I just adore the feather and bead detail on the top of the front section. Selena Gomez skipped down the blue carpet in the nude version of them at the 2010 Teen Choice awards, and Valeria Solarino simply owned everyone’s ass at 67th Venice Film Festival with the dark brown pair. She looks flawless pairing the killer pumps with a capped sleeved Herve Leger number that underlines the fact that I don’t go to the gym enough. Personally, I prefer the darker version to the nude pair. Even though nude elongates the leg, the deep brown just absolutely jumps out at me with this particular design. Maybe it’s Valeria’s amazing tan, or her tiny legs, but something about her and this pump just clicks. Sergio Rossi Borderline sandal here.


If you need me, I’ll be on the floor melting over these, plotting ways to make them forever mine.


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