Snob Essentials

Sesame Street Pouch from Envirosax

Envirosax are my favorite reusable grocery bags because they fold up teeny tiny and have amazing designs. And now they’ve introduced Sesame Street characters to delight the entire family. I am already relying on my 5 year old to remember things for me (don’t let me forget your lunch, remind me to bring snacks for your next Girl Scouts meeting, etc), and with her favorite characters as added an incentive, we will never forget our reusable grocery bags again!! This set comes with 5 bags and they all fit into a convenient pouch. These are so weightless, I always have one in my bag, not just for groceries but for knick knacks that I inevitable collect throughout the day. Comes with Oscar, Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird and of course the big favorite, Elmo. These are great for the holidays, just wrap your presents in them – easy for you, much appreciated by the recipient and double whammy benefit for the environment. At Envirosax for $39.95 for the set.



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