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Stella McCartney Embossed Faux-Leather Saddle Bag


I am working my butt of trying to get rid of saddle bags at the gym but I am coveting one that can come off much easier =) This is an easy chic bag like the PS1, throw it on with everything and you’ll be loving the convenience while looking absolutely fab. But you will also love that it’s super lightweight. The two flaps are ingenious, you’re able to access your bag without having to open the whole thing, the bag is shallow enough to find what you need with just one side up. The straps come off so you can use this as a clutch but don’t, this definitely should stay a shoulder bag. The shiny green patent leather strap is an amazing contrast against the textured faux leather. At Net-a-Porter for $1045.

7 thoughts on “Stella McCartney Embossed Faux-Leather Saddle Bag

  1. great color, this is the thing this winter !!

  2. The bag is nothing special and the price is ridiculous for faux leather.

  3. Isn’t the strap probably faux too, or pvc? It would kind of defeat Stella’s anti leather esthetic if it were right? Just wondering…

  4. Kaiulani on said:

    Not sure what the $1000 is for since it is faux leather! It really bugs me that this designer charges so much for items made out fake products.

  5. Bag Snob Kelly on said:

    Everything on her bags is faux leather.

  6. Hey guys! Were giving away 5 signed BMG tote bags to survey participants! It takes 5 minutes– promise!! All fashion and shopping questions!

  7. huge bag snob on said:

    I wish I could afford Stella McCartney. There’s just something wrong with having to hack up an animal just so I can have a cute bag. On the other hand, vegan stuff is so freakin, damn ugly… C’mon Stella, hook a sistah up with some affordable pieces.

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