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TOD’S D-Bag in Laminated Distressed Leather


The D Bag is my current Tod’s favorite but this is hands down the ultimate color and fabrication (other than the $22,500 matte croc of course). The leather is distressed then laminated and distressed again. You can’t see the details in this picture but in person you can see all the creases in the leather that will just get better and better with wear. I absolutely go batty for bags that get better with age, it means that they had longevity in mind and when you have broken your bag in, you feel so in love wearing it. Some bags are great brand spanking new but the best bags are those that have gotten plenty of love. The crazy thing is, this, the greatest D Bag there is, is cheaper than the regular leather!! Something is not right here and I’m assuming they will correct this soon so I’m jumping on this before they realize their mistake!! At the Beverly Hills Tod’s, (310) 285-0591, for $1445, ask for Carla. D-Bag at Tod’s



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  1. I got mine almost a year ago, and the leather has aged and gotten better. cannot wait to see it in 10 years. i love this d-bag so much i want another one..but is it necessary to have 2 of the same but in different colors (thinking of taupe)? help!

  2. Tod’s SS11 collection is beautiful and presented exquisitly. These bags are amazing and having seen in the flesh it now at the top of my wish list,

  3. I love the bag, but I agree with Linda. Usually fabric is laminated to mimic patent leather. Not the other way around.

  4. I am a big fan of tods. It is even my screen name. I collect all of their moccasins. I am in love with everything they make. I must comment, i think their handbags are way too expensive. I have a ton of loafers, but no handbags to wear with them. I am going to have to catch a sale. This handbag is true craftsmanship.

  5. It gives the leather a unique sheen and highlights the distressing which will get better with wear and age. The lamination is very subtle, it is not like patent leather with a hard sheen. The benefits for maintenance are obvious, but it really does add to the texture and beauty.

    Bag Snob Kelly

  6. I went to the Beverly Hills store and saw the bag in person. It is beautiful. I already have the bag in brown and am thinking about buying this one. It does not feel like plastic….it feels like leather. It is hard to describe without actually touching the bag. I agree with Kelly…the bag is a bargain at that price. I paid more for my brown one. The bag is interesting to look at and to touch.

  7. A beautiful bag, to be sure, however, I’m not sure what kind of sale price makes it affordable. I don’t even make $1445 a month, doesn’t it bother anyone that the price of the bag could be somebody’s rent and groceries and car payment for a whole month? I guess if you have the money to burn, it’s your choice. Again, a nice bag.

  8. Hello Ms. Tods!

    It is always great to hear of someone that absolutely love loves Tod’s! I have been with the company and have seen the collections get better and better! I can relate to wanting the bags and not being able to have them all! We are currently having a sale and I am more then happy to email you photos if you like! We have a shared email at work and I don’t always get them so if you like email me at if you like!



  9. Hi Lesley,

    I have workin g in the Tod’s boutique on Rodeo for over four years and have seen the collection get better and better. I absolutely love love the D Styling Bauletto and a few of my coworkers actually have it in a few colors as well. The colors that are coming for spring are amazing! We just had the Spring collection trunkshow. I am more then happy to mail you the photos if you like!

    Let me know!


  10. Hi Michelle,

    I have worked in the Beverly Hills boutique for over four years and have seen the collections get better and better! I love this bag and it will only get better with age. We only have a few left- I can email you some photos of it if you like or I can always send it to you on consignment if you would like you get one last look at it in person. Let me know what you think!