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The first thing that comes to mind when you think bikini wax is, “OUCH!!!!!”. Yeah, we suck it up and suffer through it. I mean we’ve suffered for less, right? =) Well, I am happy to announce that we have been liberated, a super smart anesthesiologist has come up with a solution so obvious, I actually feel quite silly having had to endure bikini waxing pain all these years. She put 2 and 2 together and developed a system to numb the pain with lidocaine, a pain relieving cream that is used on the skin for inserting IV’s in pediatric patients (I know, I thought the same thing, “Why don’t we get a numbing cream for shots??”). The cream comes with a pair of plastic panties to isolate the cream and keep it on the skin.

Here’s the catch, you must wait 30-45 minutes, I waited 45 minutes and that extra 15 minutes made a huge difference (I also tried 30 minutes on my hand as an experiment). You must apply this cream before you head to your waxing place. Thus the need for the plastic panties, so you can put your pants back on. I would suggest very loose pants so you don’t disturb the area or even better, wear a skirt or dress. And try not to move around too much. The panties are very cute and little, I wish it covered a bigger area because….warning TMI….my area of concern goes beyond what the panties cover. But it does cover the most crucial sensitive areas. And for those who prefer Brazilian, it is safe to apply this cream everywhere. Yes, there too!! =) Comes in S/M or M/L, get the larger if in doubt.

I have been waxing for many many years and have gotten used to the pain but it does not mean I no longer feel the pain. So this even helps the jaded ones. If you have never waxed due to anxiety over the pain, problem solved. It totally takes the edge off, you obviously still feel what’s going on but it dulls the sharp needle-y pain completely. At BareEase & Cream for $24.99.



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