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Frugal Snob: Bath & Body Works Holiday

The set-up at the Bath & Body Works showroom (left) and my favorite candle from BBW (right)

I went to an event last week at the Bath & Body Works (BBW) showroom and wow did the space leave an impression (I had a choice of 8 soaps in the restroom!). The team had a table set-up with a selection of their offerings and little hors d’oeuvres as Harry Slatkin (BBW and Slatkin & Co. belong together), walked the other bloggers and I through some of their holiday buys. My favorite things to buy at Bath & Body Works are their Slatkin products so I’ll start with those. Their candles for holiday come in over a dozen iterations including Mint Chocolate, Frosted Tree (cedar, amber, patchouli and rosemary), and my fave – which I bought right after the event – Homemade Cookies. I usually don’t opt for food-scented candles, but this one has a delicious, fresh baked smell that makes it a wonderful kitchen candle without making you salivate and immediately crave something sweet -trust that I wouldn’t buy anything that would make me crave more sugar than I already do. The candle I got was 14.5oz and $19.50, but they come in variety of bigger and smaller iterations.
Diffusers in holiday shapes like Christmas trees (sadly nothing for us Jews…), are also abundant, as are Christmas Collectibles like a snow-globe that doubles as a candle. They’ve also go scented air fresheners for stocking stuffers, which I thought was pretty cool (Harry Slatkin seemed very OCD – in a good way of course – about everything smelling impeccable).

On a side note, post-holidays BBW always has amazing sales, so if you’re Jewish like me and don’t need a million stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, you might want to wait a bit. That said, they do sell out, so if you really love something (like the Homemade Cookie Candle!), don’t take the risk that it will be sold out! Jump for more on the BBW Holiday selection!

In non-Slatkin Holiday, BBW has got more than the folks behind the brand could even tell us in an hour, so I’ll just let you in on my favorites. They’ve got scented and shea-infused socks, which come shaped like a cupcake and ready to gift, tons of anti-bacterial options for stocking stuffers including Winter Cranberry, Orange Spice and for kids, a Cupcake Collection that includes Red Velvet and Strawberry. The easiest way however to browse the hundreds of options is by clicking here. You can sort by price (starting at $5 under!), by feature, by packaging type, and they also include some of their favorites.

All of this holiday talk has got me extra amped for Thanksgiving! Especially because I won’t be doing any of the cooking 🙂


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