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Big Pony Collection: The Sporty


This is my trainer, Dewayne! What can possibly make me feel like my old sporty self other than getting back in shape at the gym? Working out with him has been more mentally and spiritually beneficial than physical even though I’ve already had to replace all my jeans. And like most girls, I have a section in my closet of stuff that I bought on sale but one size too small – well, they all fit now =) I am rehabilitating my bum back, I got that spring back in my step and I have not looked better since I had my kids. If you can’t walk (for months I couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a time!) the world just seems too big to take on. Now, I feel like my old self – confident, athletic and giddy! Nothing completes that overall feeling like the perfect fragrance. The Sporty scent from the Big Pony Collection is like my theme music right now. People always have songs that fit perfectly in their lives but what about fragrances? Scents are way more powerful, you will always remember the fragrance you wore on your wedding and you will always hate the cologne of your last boyfriend! It is the most personal thing you put on. And that’s why I dare not spray my theme scent on my trainer because if he smelled good on top of looking like this, my marriage would be in jeopardy!! =) Just kidding, my husband trains with him too. But in all seriousness, what I am achieving now is mine! I own it and I am not sharing it with anyone. But I will share my twice weekly eye candy with you 😉

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