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Bows Bows Bows from By Malene Birger


So I have this thing for bows. For about a day I liked them on my head, and then I realized I looked silly and only Blair Waldorf can pull that off (and even she’s over them).  So now I merely keep them off headbands, and on various things.  Bags.  Dresses.  Shirts.  Shoes.  And now, sweaters. 

By Malene Birger has given us a comfy way to wear our bows, and not look like we’re trying to be little girls.  These classy sweaters are a great way to be cozy while keeping things ladylike.  The first two sweaters from the left are a deliciously soft mohair-blend and the cropped grey sweater is wool.  I think these are all perfect with some black skinny jeans and boots, or even with a simple dress.  Now if only it would actually get cool in Texas! Sheesh!

Mazika cropped wool cardigan for $225

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