Céline Cabas Tote


While there’ll always be a place in my heart for the Céline Luggage tote, a girl’s got to have options right? That’s where Phoebe Philo’s “other” tote, the Cabas, comes in. Think of it as the thinner, taller and sexier sister to the Luggage. Made of more scratch-sensitive calfskin leather, it features two distinct and, might I add, very sexy, side zippers that come all the way down the length of the tote–allowing for maximum expansion and storage. And unlike most totes with extra zips and extraneous doodads, the zippers on this tote actually add immense appeal (otherwise it would just be another leather tote, don’t you agree?) This is a great everyday tote for moms and power women alike; it’s subtle enough to be discreet in the boardroom but sleek enough to leave a positive lasting impression.

$1,200, available at Bergdorf Goodman

3 thoughts on “Céline Cabas Tote

  1. Jim, what sort of leather is the Luggage tote made of?

  2. So sleek and sophisticated!

  3. i love it but yikes on that price

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