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Chloé Billie New Small Messenger Bag: A (should be) Gossip Girl’s


Isn’t this bag delicious? How much does it scream, “TAKE ME HOME EMMA, PLEASE!?” I know I know I hear it too. It’s hard to type over the yelling.

This adorable crossbody has soft leather and linen accents that mesh together to result in a match made in handbag heaven. Combined with the (oooooo SNAP) closure- it makes it even more irresistible.

I can picture Blair Waldorf toting the Chloé Billie New Small Messenger Bag all around campus. I can also picture Blair and I being the best of friends and sharing fruit snacks and telling secrets and me taking over as Serena and living happily ever after in the lap of luxury, just as God intended.

Back to reality (ew), this bag is amazing. Chic, simple and to the point, it is perfect for fall.

However, you may need to have Blair Waldorf’s kind of cash to tote this baby around. It’s $1,560.00 at Sak’s.


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  1. Hmm. If you need to open the bag while wearing it, how will it hold given that the strap is attached to the flap rather than the body/sides of the bag? (Actually, how will it lay on the body in any event? I think this type of strap attachment would cause annoying lobsided-ness). Also, is there a danger that the loops that hold the strap break when the bag is weighed down with a lot of items? There may be an engineering problem here. In any event, I can’t get into this or any other “PS1” style bag – I wore these types of bags for many years and am happy I will never have to again!

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