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Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Soap Sets

A few weeks ago I was a little early for a lunch date at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, so I wandered over to Crabtree & Evelyn to stock-up on soaps. Crabtree is one of the few places I can still get non-liquid hand soap – even L’Occitane has been cutting back on them and good luck finding any at Sephora! Crabtree has got a ton of 3-pack options for $20 and as fate would have it, the day I stopped in they were having a one-day sale where the sets were all “buy one, get one free.” The store was also entirely marked down 20% for that week (soap trios excluded). Call your local store to inquire, because they’ve got deals going on throughout the holiday season! Needless to say I came-out of the store with way more than I had bargained for. Jump for more!

Out of the four triple-milled trio sets I got the Lavender

was my favorite, but it’s hard to go wrong because all of their hand

soaps are very lightly fragranced. I wash my hands countless times

throughout the day and I find that most liquid soaps are too fragranced for my repeated use,

so I’ll use solids most of the time and then when I need a really good

scrub I’ll reach for something liquid. On that note since it was 20% off

and I knew I was going to be having an upcoming holiday party at my apartment, I also picked-up their Vanilla Hand Care Caddy,

which has got just the right amount of kick for when you need to get

the smell of chicken off your hands or need a good wash after cleaning your apartment (it’s not a fruity vanilla, very crisp).

Note though that the Caddy is part of their holiday collection and will

likely be marked down after Christmas, so if you don’t need it ASAP and

it’s not on special, I’d wait!


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