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Die Cut Christmas Cards by Tiny Prints


This year’s stand out holiday card design is the Die Cut card from Tiny Prints. I have not seen anything like this, last year the big to-do was the foldout accordion but now that we’ve all seen that, I want something different. The center picture punches out so it looks like it is floating when displayed. It’s double sided so there is another picture on the back. It comes with pre-written sentiments but as with all the designs, you can edit everything. I stayed up all night playing with the message, fonts, color, sizes, etc. But there are a ton of designs so there will be one that’s perfect for you. The Christmas Chambray is shown here, they start at $3.74 for an order of 10, or can go down to $1.79 for an order of 100 (as low as $1.48 for 400+). It’s not too early, get this process started now and you will be flying high by Thanksgiving when all your cards are ready to be mailed. Here’s the entire selection of Die Cut Cards.



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