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Givenchy Nightingale Travel Trolley


You know when you love something so much you wish there were more of it and bigger? Like a chocolate ice cream cone! Well, this isn’t like that. If you love your Nightingale you will be baffled and appalled by the trolley version. First of all, this thing is huge, it is 27.5″, approximately the height of a 3 year old and is as wide as a barrel. I wish I had a scale but using my best estimate, I say it weighs 10 lbs, empty. I’m pretty sure this is too big for the overhead compartment and forget about getting it under the seat. Actually, I’m pretty sure it will get stuck in the TSA X-Ray conveyor belt (it is 2 feet wide!!). So the only need this serves is stay-cations. I don’t want to be judgmental or a bitch but people who never travel farther than their own zip code probably won’t have a need for a $3650 trolley. Imagine trying to find a pair of socks, you will need to upturn the entire contents to get anything. Totally ridiculous. The black is available at Linde Store and both black and off white stamp croc ($3785) are at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills (310) 276-4400. Other textures/colors at

12 thoughts on “Givenchy Nightingale Travel Trolley

  1. It reminds me of a Hoover vacuum-the kind on wheels that you pull around the house.

  2. Love the Nightingale as a handbag, but this is totally ridiculous. Debbie’s vacuum cleaner reference is hilarious :)

  3. mochababe73 on said:

    I kind of like it. You must admit that it’s alot more stylish than those computer bags on wheels.

  4. mochababe73 on said:

    I kind of like it. You must admit that it’s alot more stylish than those computer bags on wheels.

  5. I don’t like it, it looks ridiculous and totally agree with Debbie, it does reminds me of that too.

  6. Choice will vary from person to person.About the bag shown in post is just a average bag for me.

  7. They have it at Nordstrom as well. I had a client buy it for her meetings in the city (D.C and NYC) so she can still wear her handbag and look “normal” INSTEAD of a bag lady.

  8. It’s decent looking but way too big to be practical, at least for me.

  9. classic case of too much of a good thing can be a really bad thing!

  10. I actually love this idea– it’s a great weekender!

  11. ShoeQueen61' on said:

    Bag Snob Kelly– I love you guys! I just can’t get with this bag. I agree w/ Terence [paraphrasing]… it’s too much of a good thing turned bad. “Yikes!!!”

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