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Gucci Madison Ostrich Medium Tote


Gucci does exotic right. I am not a Gucci fan but when it comes to skins they know well enough to leave off the dingle dangles and keep things simple. This ostrich tote is gorgeous with unassuming details like the tabs and hardware free handles. You would not mistaken this for any other designer with the conspicuous Gucci tag (but not obnoxious) but it’s just amazing skin and incredible quality shining above all else. I suppose without a skin, that kind of minimalist aesthetic would be too subtle and not exactly the voice of this glamour house. I just wish there was no seam at the bottom but this is a good size bag at 19″ by 12″ so using one piece of skin would drive the price higher than the already stratospheric $3900. At Saks Fifth Avenue.



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  1. I am not a fan of Gucci (well, maybe the Indy bag) or ostrich, but I really like this tote. It’s too bad that you can’t put the bag on your shoulder. This is a large bag that could get quite heavy once you fill it. Holding this in the crook of your elbow could get painful.

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