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Halston Heritage Jenny Sequin Folded Clutch


Now that I have a foldover clutch, I am totally into them. There is so much wiggle room for extra stuff. The other night, I had dinner with friends and had a B-Low The Belt foldover clutch (to be featured soon!!). By the end of dinner, one friend gave me stuff to give to my kids and another returned a scarf she had borrowed. No problem, night is over, I don’t need to have my clutch looking perfect so I just stuffed everything in there and it became a giant unfolded bag with everything securely stored in place. OK, you would never leave the house with it that way, but like I said, there is plenty of wiggle room so you don’t have to have a NASA plan of attack on what to put in your clutch. This Halston Heritage has it all – on trend sequin perfect for the holidays, magnetic closure for the flap (which makes it look polished) and Frugal Snob price. At Shopbop for $195.

One thought on “Halston Heritage Jenny Sequin Folded Clutch

  1. love folder clutch since i got a LV one ages ago..this one is so cute and the price is just right!

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