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Jimmy Choo Alba Medium Leather Bag: When Functionality Meets Fabulous


We all love the exotic bags. The luscious snake/lizard/unicorn glam creations in all shapes and sizes are fabulous. Peacock feathers, why not? Jeweled loop magic clasp- bring it on. But just how practical are those bags for actual use? Usually, they aren’t very user friendly.

That’s why I am loving Jimmy Choo’s Alba Medium leather bag. The color of the leather is delicious, and the textured wave-effect panels really make the bag pop. It’s large enough to be useful but not too bulky to feel like you’re carrying around a small child or a bowling ball on your arm.

This could be worn daily without much effort and would polish up any outfit. I would keep this a day bag, as its size is a bit too large for a night on the town.

I have one tiny problem with this yummy bag- it has a price tag that is a bit too much for me to swallow. At $2,695 I have to wonder if there is a pair pf pumps hiding in there for me as well. Or maybe some diamond earrings? Perhaps a puppy? If any of these treasures are included, then count me in. If not, I’ll pass.

Net-A-Porter for $2,695.


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  1. Agreed. This bag is way too expensive (is that a fabric interior?). I don’t think Choo has earned this price tag for such a basic, albeit great looking bag.

  2. The site says that it’s lined in suede.

    I am also of the belief that Jimmy Choo hasn’t solidified itself as a handbag designer to warrant these types of prices. If they charged the same amount as the newly minted Tiffany line of handbags then I would be a little more apt to buy it. For this price, it should include a pair of shoes.

  3. “At $2,695 I have to wonder if there is a pair pf pumps hiding in there for me as well.” I just spit out coffee on my computer! Too funny!

    Initially, I liked this bag and I still sorta do, but I don’t love it. I love the leather color (doesn’t it look so soft?) and the shape, but I am not sure about the wavy stamped leather patches – it kind of reminds me of a turtle. And the price is a little out there for what it is.

  4. At first I didn’t like it but its growing on me. I do like the shape and colour. I would prefer the waves all over instead of in the tri shape. Reminds me of the YSL bag with the Y on the front only upside down. Very expensive for the type and brand.

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