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La Perla- The Most Luxe PJ Party PJ’s Ever


Every year, my lover’s parents and family friends have a Holiday pajama party full of food, booze and White Elephant gifts. The first year we were dating I thought he was just messing with me that it was a PJ party, so I played it safe with black yoga pants and a cute Christmas tee, just in case it was my Elle Woods in a bunny costume moment. Turns out, it really was/is a PJ party. I love anything glamorous, and La Perla is just that, but you can bet your bottom dollar I probably won’t be wearing this to the pajama party this year, or any other year. Or will I? This Maison silk-satin robe and Maison satin and lace chemise are so luxe and glam, I would never want to get out of them, but with a total price tag of $1050, my skin will never get the chance to wear these two lovely pieces. And even if I did get to own them, I would never take them off. Granted I would probably put some things over them, but you understand. But if you happen to love luxe and don’t mind the cost, these ultimate PJ’s would be a fabulous Holiday addition to your lingerie drawer. Or just email them to your husband or boyfriend. Ooo! Or better yet, buy them, wear them and THEN tell aforementioned husband or boyfriend that he, in fact, bought you them as a gift. You’re welcome.

Available at Net-A-Porter

Maison silk-satin robe $605

Maison satin and lace chemise $450



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