Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy Ostrich-Effect PVC Tote


Frugal Snobs listen up. You might have always wanted a beautiful satchel made of ostrich, but see the price and think you could probably think of many, many, many other ways you’d like to spend your money as opposed to on a single bag. Well want no more. Now you can have just that with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy Ostrich- Effect PVC Tote. Now I never thought something with “PVC” in the name would be acceptable, but turns out, it is. The taupe color is just as luxurious as the shape. The gold hardware is pretty and classic and a long strap is perfect for an over the shoulder hold. This bag is a great addition to any Frugal Snob’s closet. Just don’t go around saying it’s made from PVC pipe, because, well, that’s weird and incorrect.

Found at Net-a-Porter

Price: $395

6 thoughts on “Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy Ostrich-Effect PVC Tote

  1. I would happily spend twice that on a real ostrich bag, but $400 is WAY TOO MUCH for PVC. This is an example of paying $50 for the bag and $350 for the brand.

  2. This looks a little like a kelly bag from Hermes. I’m not adverse to PVC, but i need to touch it in person or see it before I can make a statement. It looks great from the picture, but I agree that PVC should not be $400, but it’s for the name.

  3. I LOVE this bag! As far as substituting materials, I think this is comparable in terms of look (, though I don’t know how durable it is). For the price point, I think it’s a great alternative.

  4. Big dislike for the color

  5. what a rip off for PLASTIC

  6. Oh, come on. I have seen similar bags at Target for under $40. While I love Marc Jacobs handbags, I would never spend this much on plastic just because his name is on it.

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