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Marc Jacobs Castoro Ash Satchel $3,895.00


For those of you who didn’t like the Mongolian lambs wool bag from last week, I will go ahead and just assume you will pretty much hate this one, and I would have to agree with you.

I like fur, I do. I like when it’s done right. I like when it doesn’t really look like a full grown animal and I like when it’s subtle. This bag is none of those things. Personally, I could not see myself carrying this bad boy.

First off, the Marc Jacobs Castoro Ash Satchel is made from beaver fur. Let me say that again, you would be carrying around a beaver on your arm. Pass.

Next, it’s a larger bag at 13 x 15. So you could possibly be carrying around multiple beavers. Also pass.

Lastly, it’s honestly just too much. If there was fur detail on the trip or even a fur flap, I could deal with it, but this is just an overcoat of not even pretty looking fur. What happens when it gets wet? Does it smell like wet dog? Do you have to brush it out? I mean seriously, would I need to get my bag groomed?

I am high maintenance enough, I do not need a bag that is equally as much upkeep.

Would you wear the beaver? If so, you can pick it up for $3,895.00 at Barneys.


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  1. This is so gross, it’s not even funny. I like fur and I wear fur (sorry Peta), but fur on bags almost never work:((( This is FUGLY and not functional. The price is a joke but I bet they made one or two for the idiot who is willing to pay for this.

  2. I do not understand y people love fur, n this is really fugly. Sorry heartless, beavers’ fur look best on beavers themselves.

  3. This review is the first thing that made me laugh today. Thanks for the write up, and I don’t care if it’s been reviewed before.