Mulberry Bayswater Patent-Leather Laptop Case


More important than any other electronic device, my MacBook has become my second brain and it’s questionable as to whether my first brain is any more powerful (although there is still no app that can reliably tell you if a bag is Snobworthy!!). To show my high level of respect for it, I simply cannot just shove it in a neoprene sleeve. The Mulberry Bayswater case in patent leather is the only designer case I’ve seen that takes into consideration every important factor – function, safety and beauty. There is an outer pouch pocket for accessories, a pocket for pens and a compartment in the back for documents. The interior is fully lined in black twill to protect the brain that is more reliable than your own when it comes to digits, schedules, facts and figures. I mean, don’t you protect that soft brain of yours with a pretty cover? =) A perfect Christmas gift for me if anyone is wondering!! At Net-a-Porter for $650. I agree it is expensive, but read above if you need justification.

6 thoughts on “Mulberry Bayswater Patent-Leather Laptop Case

  1. Now THIS is a sleek way to carry a laptop! Love!

  2. To die for! I saw it in the Mulberry store. I don’t remember though–does it have a strap? Because that would make it PERFECT!

  3. Mary Ann Pariseau on said:

    Wow classy, I love it !!

  4. Love the Mulberry Bayswater. Love the Mulberry Bayswater Patent-Leather Laptop Case!

  5. I agree a strap would make it perfect – Does it have one?

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