Natalie Portman Carries Dior


Remember that one time I shaved my head and I was still absolutely stunning and everyone was all “Gah, you are absolutely stunning even though your head is shaved!” and then as my hair grew out I went through every phase of short hair and I was equally beautiful with each length and then it got long again and I was exponentially more gorgeous than ever? What? You don’t remember? Well maybe because that wasn’t me. Shocking. I know. But it was Natalie Portman. And to top off the fact that she stunning, Natalie carried and equally gorgeous clutch to the closing gala for her film “Black Swan.” This burgundy satin Dior clutch has some fantastic crystal embellishments that just scream “Carry me to a fun event!” You know, if crystals could talk…. You understand. The color is so elegant, especially next to this fun and light floral print Rodarte dress. I love the mix of colors. What do you think?


Available at Dior at Saks Fifth Avenueicon and Dior Boutiques (310) 859-4700

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