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Perfect Pink Pout 101


I put together the most perfect hues of pinks over the weekend; nothing freshens up dull winter skin then pretty pink lips.  But you have to be careful because some pinks are too light (makes you look chalky) and some are too dark (makes you look angry).  The most perfect pink tones have a slight berry tint to it and looks good on most everyone. 

I’m also heavily into lip liner again, but not in the early 90’s MAC Twiggy kind of way.  I’m into it in a very 2010 way– only lining the middle 2/3 of my lips in a shade that is almost exact as my lips to avoid that hideous contrast line.  I’m into lip liner again because as we age, our lips get thinner and there’s no way in hell I’d ever put anything in my lips so I have to depend on lip liner to plump up my puckers again!
1. Nouba 58 Lip Liner for $12– Have you heard of this?  It’s an Italian brand and has the softest pencil tip for your delicate lips.  The color is very neutral so you can wear it alone with a clear gloss.  I like using it as my step one of the Perfect Pink Pout.
2. Bobbi Brown Raspberry Lip Treatment for $22– Step 2: I found this in my lipstick drawer (yes I have one and friends love playing in it) and couldn’t believe I forgot about it for so long!  I fill my entire mouth with this color and wipe off excess in the corners. The color is gorgeous on most skin tones, go try it at the counter!
3. Bobbi Brown Dusty Rose gloss for $20–  Step 3: This is the original formulation of Bobbi’s gloss.  Nice and rich plus it gives a long lasting shine.  I top it all off with a coat of this and voila, Perfect Pink Pout.

Use daily and pucker up!




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