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Ports 1961 Gear Wide Headband


It’s not that I don’t think turbans can be a fun touch to top off an outfit, it just feels as if they’ve been completely over-played since the Sex and the City 2 movie came-out. Now, every time I see someone in a turban I find it to come off as too forced and trendy rather than an original touch. As an alternative I’m loving Ports 1961’s head bling. I was over at their showroom the other day (they’re letting me borrow an off-the-runway dress for an upcoming wedding!), and I was in total awe of all of their beaded garments and accessories (I changed in the sample closet…a girl’s dream!). Their Gear Wide Headband ($390) particularity stood out to me – it’s an elastic crepe headband beautifully embellished with a popping design that pairs wonderfully with a dressed down tee and and jeans look for day or a simple sheath for night. Plus its got that same turban-like, “foreign appeal” without feeling forced.

What do you think about this headband? Are you as over turbans as I am?


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  1. I can imagine that turbans is an American thing now – after Sex and The City and all the turbans in fashion shows. But here is Sweden we don’t see any of it (My boyfriend and I wore one each for Halloween Party but that hardly counts, right?)I must say I quite like the idea of both turbans and this pretty headscarf. Mostly because it would give me something to wear on a bad hair day but also because is It’s pretty. Except that in our Swedish reality not very appropriate – unless they will start making them in fur 🙂 Or do they come in water and wind-resistant versions? Hey, it’s -3C today and snowing! Just not right. Dear snobs! Please find very bright, very funky, very crazy bags, jewelry, hats, things that just will get us through this winter and will help us come other side with a smile on our faces! At the moment I look a Celinespring collection small bags and thinking that it’s a first step to defeat winter 