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Prada Lino Twist Frame Shoulder Bag


Prada usually misses with their novelty bags but this is one that I love so much that I might get for Spring. The bag itself is linen but the python accents and the shocking lime green trim is so amazing. The colors pop and contrast, the whole thing just works together magically. The only change I would make, if I had a choice, is the braided handle – it’s too thick. That knot is unnecessary, too. Well, I didn’t say it was perfect =) The interior is lined in lambskin in case you thought they were skimping with the linen. This is a tiny ladies who lunch bag at 10″ x 7″, it makes it cute and palpable for most in the this size but I would LOVE to see it in a giant tote version!! The straps can stay the same size and then it will be perfect!! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1895.



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  1. I’m sorry Kelly but I really am not a fan of this bag. You ar right the handle is too big. I don’t like the lime green or the python. And I have never liked the Prada logo, I don’t know why?

  2. Sorry, but I dislike most of Prada’s resort collection this year. There is just too much going on in this bag. Too many textures and details. Sometimes, less is more.

  3. What a fab bag! I love the combinatation of the color with all that non color, and the textural combination really makes it a great statement. It’s like a wonderful dessert, which is a great thing for an accessory to be. I wish there was a drawing for it, I’d love to have one. $2000 for a novely bag IS too much, although I might wear it every day for a while, it would just go into rotation…..