The Big Pony Collection


I’m a grown up tomboy so finding a scent that fits my personality and olfactory is very difficult. There have only been a few fragrances that I have ever used. My mother-in-law got a set of The Big Pony Collection for my husband which comes with 4 different scents and I tried it on myself and I love it. Scents 1 and 3 were my favorite for me, which is “Sporty” and “Adventurous”, respectively. Interesting, since that’s how I would describe myself if I was being totally honest (my fantasy image of myself is “sexy and mysterious” which sounds fabulous but unfortunately not true). Scents 2 and 4 are more sultry and musky and are wonderful for my husband. Amazing that this set could work so well for both of us! I know a lot of women wear men’s fragrances but I have never tried it but it makes perfect sense for me since I don’t like floral notes. Get the Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection Coffret set of all 4 scents at Sephora for $45.

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One thought on “The Big Pony Collection

  1. Michelle on said:

    I love to wear mens fragrances! My fav is Cartier for men. I get so many complements when I wear it, both from men and woman. I do believe however, that fragrances smell different on each person.

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