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The Big Pony Collection Part 1: The Sporty


We were asked to test out the latest fragrance line from Ralph Lauren: “The Big Pony Fragrance“, and blog about our experience with each of the four scents for men. This is right in line with what I’ve been discussing with friends, how sexy it is for women to wear their hubby/boyfriend’s fragrance! Men’s fragrances are not as heavy as women’s perfumes and so much easier on the olfactory senses.

I received all four colorful bottles last week courtesy of Ralph Lauren and have been wearing the Sporty daily. Now I am not what you’d call an athletic girl and sporty would be the last thing my friends would use to describe me but I love the lime and grapefruit scent! I even use it before my kickboxing workout; the refreshing and subtle citrus blend is perfect for both men and women!

1: The Sporty Fragrance $50 at Big Pony

In the upcoming weeks we will be continuing our collaboration with Ralph Lauren, meanwhile… don’t you think the Big Pony Collection fits right at home with my other collection?


Sponsored Post by Ralph Lauren



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  1. I can not breathe! The sight of the bags!!!

    You should offer a reader a chance to come over to test the perfumes and play with the bags. I can do it if no one else wants to. Heh

  2. how is a sponsored post different than your other posts?

    in the past, you sometimes get free samples or are invited to events and sometimes you buy items to try/use and write about.

    you never write what you don’t think though sometimes descriptions are taken from press releases/what the spokesperson says.

    thanks-this just helps to put what i am reading into context.

    have a great day.

    and, yes, swoon on the bags

  3. Why are all asinine commenters anonymous? Your comment about them not saying what they don’t think is about the lamest remark I have ever read. If they aren’t thinking it why would they say it.

    I have been a reader since day one and have discovered great products from this site.

    Will look into these fragrances for my boyfriend for Christmas.

    Great photos!

  4. i love that you’re taking your own pictures and bringing in your own visual creativity to it. the bags are amazing. jealous! and the boxing gloves are such a cute touch!

  5. Love the boxing gloves! This post was such a treat. Would love to read more personalized touches like this one.

    Your Hermes bag collection is without doubt one of the most magnificent I’ve ever seen.

  6. wow, asinine. that is strong.

    the what they don’t think comment is in reference to their repeated claims that they are not paid to say anything. i was just honoring them and that i already understand that as i have been a daily reader for years. so, obviously I find their blogs valuable.

    and there has been a change over the past year.

    and as a consumer of their words and of products, it is my job to find my place with it all, and one way is to ask questions when I have them.

    And they choose to either respond or not.


  7. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your comments, this post was a lot of fun!

    To address some of your questions: I always disclose when samples are given or sponsored to me. And by the way, most cosmetic firms (La Mer for example) send samples the same size you’d get at the counters in Neiman Marcus. Quite smart of them actually: let bloggers test proucts and get us hooked, then we buy the full size products!

    I still buy much of my beauty products and love nothing more than a day spent at the beauty counters (heading there today to give a girlfriend a make over!).

    Try this scent when you’re at a fragrance counter, it’s lovely 🙂 xoxo