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TruRoots: Whole Grains and Sprouted Foods

It’s too bad that his show is on in the middle of the day because I’m obsessed with Dr. Oz! I’ll often go on his website and check-out some of his videos and blog posts when I have down time and more often than not I learn something useful. I can’t remember exactly in which video it was, but I believe it was in one of his segments with Dr. Weil that Dr. Oz was discussing how we all need to incorporate more whole and sprouted grains into our diet. Whole grains was an obvious one – most of us know that unlike refined grains (what you find in white bread), they haven’t had their bran and germ removed, which allows them to maintain nutrients. Also the fiber in whole grains slows the absorption of what you’ve eaten keeping you fuller longer and it keeps your blood sugar level more even. The real surprise for me was all the emphasis on sprouted grains. Turns out sprouted grains are just as important for us to incorporate into our diet as they retain their natural plant enzymes to boost nutrition and help with digestion. TruRoots is an awesome brand I discovered that has got a ton of whole and sprouted grain options – some of which cook in as little as 5 minutes! Jump for more on their line-up of healthy options and some serving suggestions!

* Germinated Organic Brown Rice ($4.99): Germinated to increase levels of micro-nutrients, most significantly GABA

(an effective neurotransmitter attributed to better sleep and an overall calming effect). Cooks in 25 minutes.
* Sprouted Organic Green Lentils ($4.99): I love lentils because they’re filling and very easy to digest. Like fruits and veggies, they have a Low Glycemic Index meaning they break down slowly and release glucose gradually into the bloodstream and they’re a rich protein source and low in fat – a great combo! Cooks in 5 minutes.
* Sprouted Organic Mung Beans ($4.99): TruRoots is my first foray into Mung Beans and I found them to be a great cold snack. They cook in just 5 minutes and are super easy to digest (you can eat them warm as well).
* Sprouted Organic Quinoa

($7.39): These are germinated to increase levels of micronutrients and help the body better absorb nutrients. I love mixing this quinoa with lentils, some vegetables, and grilled chicken – delicious! The quinoa takes 15 minutes to cook. Note they also have an Organic Quinoa.
*Chia Seeds:
It’s not up on their site yet, but TruRoots also has Chia Seeds, which are great salad toppers. They cook in 3 minutes and are high in Omega-3, Omega-6, fiber, and Vitamin B. They’ve also got protein and calcium and have been shown to help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

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  1. Sharon, thanks for all your posts on healthy eating. I’ve had problems with digestion for years, and I’m always on the lookout for more ways to improve my eating habits. I’ve found that what I eat not only makes me feel better but it makes me look better as well. So please keep the info coming!

  2. So glad! And I totally agree with you. I’ve definitely learned that while you can shape your body with exercise (and that’s important!), to really feel and look your best you need to be mindful about what you eat…and it’s not about deprivation it’s about eating healthfully…so much great stuff out there to try!