VBH Supports Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon


Thank you VBH for supporting Lupus LA at the Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon. It was a hugely successful event, thanks to bags like this – it was hotly contested, I got my last bid in and then someone swooped in and outbid me by $1000!!! This stingray box clutch is hand painted and has the most amazing hardware with filigree detail all around the frame. I am now regretting not being more aggressive since it was for a good cause. Toni Braxton was the Humanitarian Award recipient. She went public about having lupus and said that the face of the disease could be strong, brave and beautiful like hers. I will have more images up from this event as they come in. We are so proud to sponsor such an amazing event for an important cause.

Toni Braxton image courtesy of Rap-Up.

One thought on “VBH Supports Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon

  1. This bag is amazing. A work of art. And I absolutly love the texture of stingray. I still long for a Goya!

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