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Versace Zip-Detail Python Shoulder Bag: Ultimate Date Bag


Now this is what I call a perfect date bag.

Why is it the perfect date bag? I’ll tell you why. Have you ever gone to a sexy little

intimate restaurant with a sexy special someone and decided to lug your day bag with

you? You end up struggling with it like it’s a wild animal you are trying to tame as

you try to hang it on the back of the chair. Or you end up perching on the very front of

your chair like an asshole after putting it on the back of your seat because the table is

approximately 15 inches wide. Then, you give up and (gasp) put it on the floor or sit it on

your lap like a dog. Well this frustrating fiasco has happened more than once to me, and I

have learned my lesson. No giant day bags on dates.

What about a clutch you ask? It’s the obvious alternative, but sometimes certain nights

require more room for important things such as phones, tide pens, wallets, cameras,

makeup, flasks, etc. Especially on a first date is this extra room needed. Ever tried fitting

a taser into a tiny sparkly clutch? It’s not gonna happen.

That’s where the Versace Zip-detail python shoulder bag comes in. Hello, perfect middle


It’s a sexy little number with black python with silver hardware and suede trim. The blue

twill on the inside is adorable and is the perfect splash of color. It’s big enough to fit the

essentials but small enough to tuck under your arm and weave in and out of people at the

bar, restaurant, or wherever it may be your hot date takes you.

And if the date goes south, pull out that taser and call it a night.

The bag recently sold out at Net-A-Porter for $3,795. Keep checking Net-A-Porter to see

if they have been re-stocked!


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  1. Okay I have just splashed out on this bag and I am in love.

    It was love at first sight and it’s me own xmas present to myself. No date night for me but who cares with a bag like this.