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Yoga Toes


Walking 14+ hours a day in 6″ heels is not the best thing for my feet (or back and neck for that matter) but luckily I discovered Yoga Toes thanks to celeb stylist Logan Horne (my new bff!).  He helped me pull bags and shoes for a couple of segments I was filming for NBC last week and told me about these when I felt like my toes were about to fall off.  It stretches the toes after a long day on your feet and realigns your foot posture and treats foot pain.  I got a pair over the weekend and OMG it’s like getting a reflexology massage on your feet!  I will never live without these again.  Whether you’re a power shopper, a waitress, dancer or work in retail, you must try this!  

Yoga Toes from yoga pro for $39.95 (this is the original version)

 Flexible Yoga Toes at Amazon for $5.98 (This is the copy cat version but I heard just as good!)

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