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Alexander Wang Angela Pochette


Let me get my only annoyance about this bag out of way: why is this, and what I presume most, Alexander Wang bag made in China? For $650, and coming from a designer as prolific and fashion-forward as Alex, I must say I was shocked that this pochette carried such a tag. I know China’s the next frontier for luxury–but I think they meant in terms of consumers and not necessarily luxury manufacturing. Country of origin aside, I think this pochette–named after Angela Lindvall, perhaps?–is the quintessential cool girl’s bag. If the mom has the Hermès Kelly clutch, then this is her daughter’s equally cool going-out bag. Alex’s bags have been tremendously successful–not just because they’re relatively affordable (now we know why), but because they’re a great balance of edgy and utility. While this Angela silhouette is not a new shape, it does return for pre-spring in some great new colors, including smoke, sage and patent brick. Available in both patent (as seen here) and classic pebble leather finishes, it’s adjustable short strap makes it perfect for nights out. The trademark stud details add the needed oomph while the necessary zippers remain hidden. Just how I like.

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  1. i am turned off when designers are made in china. i mean they are charged pennies to make things over there and then price it like its made in italy. i dont get it. disappoints me. i love and all his stuff. wish it was made somewhere else…

  2. Actually, the labor in China is not pennies – especially if you work for a socially compliant company. Laborers have recently received a much needed raise in minimum wage, and if the factory is a good one, better quality of life. Just because something is made in China, that does not mean that it is of less quality. AND, for your information, quite a few of those “high end” factories in Italy are using ILLEGAL Chinese workers for less money than their counterparts are being paid in China. Lots of high end bags are made in China, and then shipped to Europe where the receive the final components – which then allows the brands to put a “made in Italy/France/Wherever” tag. Marc Jacobs for one uses Chinese factories to make some of their product. It doesn’t make it any less fabulous….. For comparison, if the bag were to be made in Europe, it would be probably twice as much. So, Alexander Wang is doing the smart thing, and bringing his fashion to a lot more people by having his product made in Asia.

  3. Anonymous gave a fairly concise summary of one of the arguments Dana Thomas presents in her book, “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre”. It’s a heated debate, and there are valid points to be made for and against “Made in China”.

    Personally, I am completely taken by the “Made in Italy” label and what it is supposed to represent, knowing full well what it can, in reality, represent.

    I haven’t bought an Alexander Wang bag because they are made in China. When he began his label a few years ago in knitwear, he was producing in the US, but he did eventually transition his entire, growing line to China.

    On that note, all of Reed Krakoff’s bags that aren’t exotics are made in China (I called the boutique in NY to ask), and that is more of an insult than Alexander Wang’s bags and pricing, because all of the Reed Krakoff bags are priced as though they are Made in Italy.

    P.S. Man Snob Jim, your posts are my favourite on this site!

  4. Made in China gets such a bad rep, China is not incapable of producing luxury, it just so happened through wanting to develop its economy, it positioned itself of producing a lot of export goods. Yes, the majority of these goods go to walmart or less because that is a better stimuli to the economy than producing for something that is not mass market.

  5. Well, I am here to comment and look at beautiful handbags so I’m going to leave all of the consciousness about made in China to others. I don’t even look at the made in tag anymore unless I am purchasing from eBay.

    I am not fan of Alexander Wang handbags. I have yet to find one that I would actually want to spend my money on. I don’t like this one either. It doesn’t look like a $670. The workmanship just isn’t there in Wang bags in my opinion. Most of the time after reading review after review of bags, I come to like some like the PS1 which I initially hated. But, I have yet to find anything that I like about Wang.