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BAO Fresh Kombucha

Of course the guys behind BAO Fresh Kombucha are New Yorkers! Who else would totally get the importance of creating nutritious drinks that are not only good for you, but taste great, look cool, and are low in calories? Sure as a life-long Manhattanite I may be biased towards anything local, but BAO’s Kombucha blows Honesty Tea and other similar drinks out of the park. BAO means “precious treasure” in Chinese, but it’s also an acronym for “Bad Ass Organics”…don’t the founders sound awesome!?? Their kombucha comes packaged in a sleek glass bottle and is available in three flavors – original, ginger, and berry. All are low in sugar, calories, 100% organic, and contain no artificial sweeteners. All three flavors have a pure, clean, refreshing flavor. 

For those not familiar, kombucha is an organic fermented tea with health benefits tied to probiotics (the ones that Dannon advertises are in their Activia yogurt). There’s not a ton of research on it, but for over 2,500 years people have been drinking it to help fight countless diseases, help with digestion, improve liver function, and to help stimulate immune function. It’s a little sweet, a little sour, and for any Beauty Snob Diet Coke addicts, its got a very slight carbonated texture that might help with that HORRIBLE addiction! Also I wouldn’t say it’s like a Red Bull in terms of super-intense energy boost, but I always feel a jolt of energy when I drink it. Learn more here.


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