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Barielle Total Care Cream


Are you neglecting your feet because it’s winter and they’re hidden in boots?  Okay, I’m guilty of the same but when I saw how dry and cracked my heels were last week I decided to take serious action!  Heels are a funny part of the body, the skin doesn’t absorb or retain moisture well so you need a cream that is really rich and thick.  One of the most moisturizing is the Foot Care Cream from Barielle, it does what Aquaphor does for my feet (without all the greasiness).  I slather it on, put my socks on and go about my day, it works amazingly better than the $50 creams out there! 
Barielle Total Foot care cream 


Barielle Intensive Hand Cream $12 is excellent this time of the year as well.  I don’t like using it before driving but if you’re in the house or office it’s great to apply throughout the day.  Don’t neglect those paws, girls!

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