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Delvaux Tempete MM


I love this bag but probably because it is a mix of the Kelly and the PS11. Usually the combination knockoff is a turnoff but this is a perfect and ingenious mash-up. It’s little bit ladylike and a whole lotta vavoom which makes for a killer bag that can live through countless trends. It may look specific but it is actually pretty versatile – the office for sure but also with jeans, a rocked out look and structured dress. Not sure I would take this out at night though. The cool hardware gives you 2 positions for I don’t know what but it does make it more legitimate even if it’s essentially useless. At Barneys New York for $3650.

5 thoughts on “Delvaux Tempete MM”

  1. With all due respect, that bag is not a combination knockoff .

    It cannot even be called inspired.

    The bag company has been around since 1829.

    The design and the company were in business before Hermes.

  2. I gasped when I saw it on the Barney’s website, and I wear Hermes birkins all the time. It is a beautiful, quality bag, and I would definitely wear it at night as well.

  3. The Tempête is a classical design by Delvaux, which actually inspired Hermes’ Kelly design. In other words: without this bag, the Kelly bag wouldn’t even exist.

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