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Dominic Jones vs Bottega Veneta: The Beetle


How the beetle became a popular motif this season is beyond me…eeck!! I don’t even know which one is better (or shall I say worse?), in the battle between Bottega Veneta’s take on the creepy insect and Dominc Jones’. Above on the left is Bottega Veneta’s Sterling silver scarab beetle earrings ($290) and on the right is Dominic Jones Beetle 22-Karat White Gold-Plated Ring ($455). Little surprise that when I stopped by the Bottega Veneta sample sale the other week I saw a number of the Beetle pieces (a motif that translated into ready-to-wear, shoes, and handbags as well), on sale. If I was forced to pick one, I’d opt for one of the Bottega beetle pieces because they best mimic the actual look of a beetle – if you’re gonna go for it, go for it all the way!

What do you think about this beetle battle?

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