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Holiday Gift Guide- Frugal Snob: LeSportsac Cosmetics Bag


It’s no secret I have a thing for sequins, sparkly things and gold. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about giving people awesome gifts that you also like so you can share it! Okay, okay. I’m only kidding, but mainly because this gift is so very Frugal Snob of you that you can get one as a gift, and get one for yourself!

These LeSportsac Cosmetics Bags are literally the perfect Holiday gift for all of your girl friends. Aside from the fact that they’re awesome and glittery, they’re $28. In addition to the price being great, you can fill these bags up with personal goodies like jewelry, nail polish, makeup or sunglasses for each friend so they get the perfect gift just for them. And because they’re so pretty and already look like a present wrapped, all you need is a big ribbon around the bag and BAM- you’re wrapping is done!

Dear Santa, Jenna likes all three of them. And if hypothetically you were to fill her LeSportsac bag with something awesome, she loves nail polish. And cash.

LeSportsac All Gold Cosmetic Bag

LeSportsac Blue Steel Cosmetic Bag

LeSportsac Black Gold Cosmetic Bag



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  1. Who would have thought LeSportSac will ever introduce a “bling-bling” bag in the market? I so love these gorgeous bags! They are great for all-night parties and perfect for weddings as well! 🙂 I gotta have one of these lovelies!