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I Don’t Want Juicy Couture’s “I Want” Tote


How much does this bag remind you of a little girl throwing a hissy fit and yelling “I want! I want! I want!”? Okay, so maybe I can often be found tweeting or saying how much I want something too, but I don’t put it on a bag. And then I don’t make it hot pink. You can find this lovely statement bag on sale for $88, but I doubt any of the awesome BagSnob readers would want this. I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I prefer my bags to have a tiny bit of class. Next thing you know they’re going to start putting “Juicy” across the rear of sweat pants. Wait.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Juicy Couture’s “I Want” Tote

  1. I’m not real sure how big it is, but as a teacher, I would wear it to carry my teacher “stuff”. The “I want” is cute. It wouldn’t be an everyday bag. But, I could also see some tweens and teens “wanting” it.

  2. I want, I want, I want this out of my sight.

  3. Actually, they already crossed the logo sweatpants line..see for yourself here –

    and the bag IS kind of scary…

  4. Shop Around on said:

    Ugh, there has never, ever been anything Juicy that I wanted, including this.

  5. The Juicy gals have officially crossed the line into Ed Hardy territory….What? Weren’t they making enough money already without having to go this low?

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