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I Don’t Want Juicy Couture’s “I Want” Tote


How much does this bag remind you of a little girl throwing a hissy fit and yelling “I want! I want! I want!”? Okay, so maybe I can often be found tweeting or saying how much I want something too, but I don’t put it on a bag. And then I don’t make it hot pink. You can find this lovely statement bag on sale for $88, but I doubt any of the awesome BagSnob readers would want this. I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I prefer my bags to have a tiny bit of class. Next thing you know they’re going to start putting “Juicy” across the rear of sweat pants. Wait.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Juicy Couture’s “I Want” Tote”

  1. I’m not real sure how big it is, but as a teacher, I would wear it to carry my teacher “stuff”. The “I want” is cute. It wouldn’t be an everyday bag. But, I could also see some tweens and teens “wanting” it.

  2. The Juicy gals have officially crossed the line into Ed Hardy territory….What? Weren’t they making enough money already without having to go this low?


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