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Jil Sander Madame Frame Top Handle Bag


The 60’s aesthetics is my favorite trend of all time. Not only for the sleek and chic look but because women back then had real bodies, now all I need is a torpedo cone bra and this bag. Every time I say I hate something (conspicuous luggage tags) someone goes and proves me wrong. The simple frame shape is absolutely enhanced with the tag, hanging from the middle no less. If you describe this without an image, no one would believe you when you use the word “amazing”. The top handle is the best way to show a bag but obviously is not the most convenient – this comes with a shoulder strap for those times when you need an extra hand or two. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1375.



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  2. Jil Sander unites modern with classic so well! I own her Mini Madame Shoulder Bag-so different-it has a gray leather, wide shoulder strap with gold hardware attached to a small leather top handle bag. I am on the hunt for something from her spring line-I love the whole top handle Jackie O bags trend-Jil Sander is best at this so far by far.