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Marni's Set of Three Swarovski Crystal Brooches: Snob or Slob?

What is it with luxury brands and insects lately? I love the idea of a trio of complementary brooches to accent a simple cardigan or a sweater, but I’m torn about what to make of Marni’s

Set of Three Swarovski Crystal Brooches ($355). I can think of few things that I find less appealing than bugs, but as a trio I’m actually liking this set! I’m thinking it’s because the insect has Swarovski crystal accents in all the “right” places (ie antlers that would otherwise creep me out!). Were it not for the $350-plus price tag I might actually consider getting this trio. Sure you get three brooches for “the price of one,” but really they only work together given their diminutive size and they’re striking me as having a bit of a cheap-look with the silver/black.

What do you think about these brooches? Snob or Slob?


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  1. I think they are really cute. The only kind of bugs I like are sparkly ones. Although I can’t make out what the one on the bottom left is?