Michael Kors Skorpios Metallic Woven Leather Clutch


A super cute clutch for New Years and will be useful for weddings and special events for years to come. What are you wearing for New Years? I always think it’s the only time of the year looking like a disco ball is acceptable, but I think I am going dark this year. I am intrigued by the lattice-effect leather, anything with texture is automatically more interesting. The contrasting dark brown braided leather trim balances out the metallic gold because you don’t want to be too glittery, especially when it comes to gold. It also makes it more grounded so you can use it for day as well. Imagine if you had a neutral linen or beige dress, this would be amazing in that not completely matchy-matchy way. At Net-a-Porter for $495.

3 thoughts on “Michael Kors Skorpios Metallic Woven Leather Clutch

  1. Wow super cute would love it with a white dress over the summer festive season.

  2. I think Michael Kors should stick to watches for example


  3. Disagree Isabella, This clutch is super chic!!!!

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