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Mulberry Bayswater- Shocking Pink


I will give you a moment to adjust your eyes.

There. Better? If that isn’t the brightest colored bag you have ever seen in your entire life, I hope your eyes are okay. Introducing the shocking pink Mulberry Bayswater bag. I feel like even highlighter pink isn’t even bright enough to describe this bag. Call me crazy. Call me Paris Hilton. But I love this bag, which is odd, because normally I’m not particularly a pink accessories person. Though I wouldn’t recommend carrying this bag while wearing too many other colors, but this bag is a great accessory to have. Carried with a solid black outfit is sure to grab some attention. Picture it with slim leather pants and a chunky black sweater. Then BAM! This bright pink bag would definitely set you apart from the crowd.

If you happen to actually be Paris Hilton (hey girl!), you probably could pull this off with a pink dress. Or even a red dress for Valentine’s Day! But if you aren’t Paris, go ahead and stick with neutrals. This bag is loud enough, your outfit can stay quiet, or even on mute.

Available at Net-a-Porter



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  1. This is an amazing bag. The color was almost similar to the Marc Jacobs Little Ukita bag — the “Fuschia” that immediately sold out at Net-a-Porter & Kitson within a week. This is the real deal. I must have it ASAP!

  2. I would wear this color every single day no matter what my outfit looked like. It’s a beautiful color. I have a Michael Kors in a similar color and wear it all the time.