New Caldrea Balsam Figleaf Collection

For holiday Caldrea has come-out with two new scents Balsam Figleaf and Peppermint Amaryllis. I haven’t sampled the Peppermint (not a fan of minty anything, in fact my aversion runs so deep that until a few weeks ago I was still using bubble gum Barbie toothpaste!), but I was sent a sample of their hand lotion and hand soap liquid in the Balsam Figleaf scent and it’s been awesome to have in my kitchen. I think of Caldrea mainly as a home fragrance/cleaning brand, so maybe that explains my instinct to put the two next to my kitchen sink, but you could just as easily have them in your bathroom. I’ve been cutting a lot of celery lately which leaves a lingering smell on my hands, so its been nice to have both soap and lotion nearby to quickly help rid me of the smell. The lotion is light and greasy (the moisture doesn’t last too long), so it’s good for a quick pick-me-up and the scent is very pine-like, which makes it fitting for holiday. So….no excuse for not chopping and munching on my celery sticks! 

You can see Caldrea’s full line-up of Balsam Figleaf products here.

4 thoughts on “New Caldrea Balsam Figleaf Collection

  1. I’ve been cutting a lot of onions lately… so this is great to know!!

  2. I’ve been cutting a lot of onions lately… so this is great to know!!

  3. Haha love onions…couldn’t cut them if I tried! My eyes hurting just thinking about it

  4. Peppermint sounds very promising, not the tingles on the skin

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