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Prada Nylon Print Tote


Here we have this Prada Nylon Print Tote, in the pink poppy print. At first sight, it was hate. And then I looked at it a bit longer and realized I hated it even more. I like pink, don’t get me wrong, but this Pepto pink isn’t really doing it for me. The “poppy print” looks like poppies alright, until the moment I see jelly fish all over the bag and now I can’t stop seeing jelly fish. Kind of like the Magic Eye pictures. Once you see it, it’s hard to make the image go away again. I dare you to look at this and not see jelly fish.

So if you have an extra $690 burning a hole in your wallet, might I suggest not wasting it on this tote that looks like something on the sale shelf at Lilly Pulitzer.



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  1. I love the color, but I don’t like the print. The heart print version is cute, but I would never pay that much money for canvas. For that price I could get two MK Hamiltons in different colors. And, in leather.

  2. I really think designers believe that people will buy anything so long as it has their name on it (which sadly may be true) – I can’t imagine someone like Miuccia wearing this. I know I won’t.

  3. There have been some Prada prints that I’ve loved – the Venice print and the Rose print come to mind – but this is not one of them.